What is Initium?

Initium is an Indie MMORPG browser-based game made by Redditors. It's like a regular MMORPG but made from photographs, complete with Diablo-like loot, monsters, dungeons, and server-wide events.

A MUD-like you can play anywhere

  • According to geek.com, Initium is one of the best MMORPG games to play at school or work (please play responsibly)
  • Play Initium on your phone, desktop, or game console right from your browser
  • Install the app on your phone (alpha access)
  • Completely free to play!
  • Initium has a Rogue-like gameplay style that features perma-death
  • Play alone or play with a group, Initium suits your playing style
  • Take part in huge server-wide events fighting together against enormous enemies (with delicious loot)
  • A completely player-driven economy, no NPCs, no price fixing
  • Most people discover the community of Initium is unique find out why

New development and content coming

  • An industry-first invention system that will completely change the game at it's core - make sure you signup for the newsletter so you can watch this transformation first-hand!
  • World-wide PvP will include a policing system so players can create their own "safe zones" and even governments

Also available on


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When I hit login after I put the correct info it just sends me to a black page with a tiny blue text that says click here and I do and then it just sends me back to the login page. I have tried to login about 5 times now and the same thing has happened every time. What is happening?

its tagged as Open Source but cant find code

When buying items in a player shop, they display as wearable if your /modified/ STR is high enough, but once bought, cannot be worn if your /base/ STR is not high enough.

Yup that seems hardly fair. I'll see about rectifying that. The indicator should be based on base strength.